Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

Pupdate: Happy Holidays Everybody! What a year 2018 has been. I’ve learned so much about being out in public and listening to my raiser and the many sitters that I am lucky enough to visit. This year I have worked on learning new commands as well as learning durations and how to do them in distracting environments. I have been on four planes, in two different provinces and even had my first ferry ride.

I have made friends with horses, cows, lots and lots of humans and of course my other PADS friends. My raiser and I feel so blessed to be part of the amazing PADS community and are so excited to see what 2019 holds in store for us. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who supports my training both financially as well as with their time and care. It truly takes a village to set us PADS puppies up for success in whatever carrier we choose, and we are so blessed that you have decided to be part of ours. 

Merry Christmas and have a Wonderful New Year

Submitted By: Katherine Brown