I can’t believe it’s fall already! The changing leaves and cool air make our evening walks so beautiful. This month my raiser’s grandparents visited all the way from Ontario and I got to act as a tour guide once more. I sure do love showing people around the beautiful city of Vancouver. Showing people around also gives me great opportunities to practice my skills in a variety of environments. Highlights from this month included practicing my duration sit for the many photos that were taken of me, practicing walking nicely with my raiser around lots of new dogs, people and smells as well as perfecting my ‘pop up stand’. All of these skills lay the groundwork for me to become the best potential service dog I can be. October starts with a visit to Vancouver Island with one of my favorite couples. I am so excited to be an island dog for a few weeks while my raiser travels for work. Thank you for being part of my journey so far, as Halloween is fast approaching find me on Facebook at PadsHayward or on Instagram to let my raiser know if you have any costume ideas.

Submitted by: Katie Brown