Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

May has been a great month, and I mean GREAT! I turned 1 year old! The kids at school decorated my kennel for me, and even made me a birthday card. I also got to do a bunch of fun things this month. I went on my first hike, I visited the ocean (and got filthy!), I got to spend a day in a grade 3 class, and I visited a fire hall with a bunch of other PADS dogs.

This month I have been working hard at refining my here, heel, and side cues. I have also been working on learning to settle in high distraction places. This is hard to do, because I love working! I am always waiting for my people to give me the next cue, so it’s hard for me to fully relax. Did I mention that I LOVE working?!

Submitted By: Puppy raisers Anderson and Adrienne Wiebe