In December I turned 20 months old! Wow, does time sure fly by when you’re going on lots of fun puppy adventures! This month I went on a plane ride and flew through the sky all the way to the Okanagan where I got to go on lots of hikes and play in the snow. I was a really good boy in the airport (even when I went “naked” through security so my metal gear didn’t set off the alarms) and I figured out that planes make really good places to have naps (don’t worry, I still was able to charm all the passengers even though I slept most of the way!) This month was a really good month, and not just because Santa Paws filled my stocking for me, but because I was able to spend my second Christmas with lots of people I love! Hope your holidays were as wonderful as mine were! Happy New Year! Stay tuned for more pupdates about what 2019 has in store for me!

Submitted By: Heather Cochrane