Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

I am much more relaxed with my new raisers now. I am enjoying my new home and new bed. I have been walking to and from school with the female raiser. I am getting used to all this walking. In the evening the two of them always take me out to play and have some fun. I am enjoying all the new dog friends I am making too and all the walks in Mundy Park!

I spend my week days with 20 students. They are pretty small and I think they might be a bit intimidated by my size but they are getting used to me. Sometimes there are assemblies and there are 230 kids in the gym. I have been on car rides and on the sky train. I volunteered at Anvil Centre for Family Day. A lot of people came and asked questions about me and wanted to pet me. I got to celebrate my 22 month birthday and we did the food challenge and I nailed it. I also celebrated my male raisers birthday too! I played in the snow a lot because there was so much snow!!! I also get to go to the gym with my female raiser and I showed off my talents on the BOSU ball.

Submitted By: Karen MacKay