HERO is making lots of progress this month. His big success this month was holding a duration down for 1 hour 50 minutes in a new, moderately distracting environment! Durations have proved to be a challenge for Hero and nailing this duration down is an awesome step forward. Hero is a gentle soul and enjoys forming connections with new people making new friends everywhere he goes! Going forward, his focus will be building durations on all obedience cues and visiting lots of facilities to assess his suitability for potential AFD placements in various locations.

  • Skills being learned: ‘My lap’, ‘chin’, maintaining all basic obedience and public access manners.
  • Recent field trips: Various training trips with his advanced trainer and sitters.
  • Possible behavior challenges: Fear of novel objects, noise sensitivity, low confidence, sensitive to his head being reached for.
  • Potential career path: AFD

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Hero!

Submitted by: Advanced Trainer Dana Gallagher