HERO is a sweet pup. He is very gentle and enjoys forming connections with new people. Hero excels when he can develop an ongoing relationship with the people around him. We hope to find him a placement that can utilize his strengths and allow him to interact consistently with a smaller number of people at a time. His favorite skill he has learned so far is ‘my lap’. He loves a good cuddle! This month, Hero is enjoying some at-home training time with an advanced sitter while his trainer Dana is out of town.  

  • Skills being learned: ‘My lap’, ‘chin’, maintaining all basic obedience and public access manners.
  • Recent field trips: Various training trips with his advanced trainer and sitters.
  • Possible behavior challenges: Fear of novel objects, noise sensitivity, low confidence, sensitive to his head being reached for.
  • Potential career path: AFD

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Hero!

Submitted by: Advanced Trainer Dana Gallagher