HERO has spent September working on proofing his duration obedience and loose leash manners in a wide variety of environments, especially when faced with food distractions. Hero and his trainer Dana have started training fun behaviors that will be great additions to his potential future career as an AFD. Hero is very excited to be watching his mom Roma graduate in her second career as an AFD. He hopes to follow in her footsteps and cross the stage as an Accredited Facility Dog in 2020!

  • Skills being learned: Sharpening obedience skills, building solid durations around varying levels of distraction, learning extra fun tricks for his potential AFD career.
  • Recent field trips: PADS puppy classes, various training field trips with his trainer Dana.
  • Possible behavior challenges: Noise sensitivity, low confidence, uncomfortable with people reaching for his head.
  • Potential career path: AFD

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Hero!

Submitted by: Advanced Trainer Dana Gallagher