In May, I turned 13 months old – I sure am growing up fast! This month I got to go on lots of trail and outdoor adventures with my raiser and sitters and puppy pals. I also made sure to celebrate my amazing momma, Roma, for Mother’s Day! I still go to work at my raiser’s office several days a week and we take both a bus and a train to get there – I’m becoming a really great transit buddy! This month I accompanied my raiser to a hair appointment where she cut off a lot of her hair to donate to make wigs. Sadly, I didn’t get to eat any of the hair – but boy, did it sure look tasty! And to top the month off, I went to a Whitecaps soccer game with my good pal, Hayward, and several other PADS puppies. We all worked really hard to control ourselves and we made our raisers really proud with how well we behaved. We even encountered a few working security dogs at the stadium, and, although it was brilliant to see them, we all had jobs to do and we kept our composure. I can’t wait to go back to another game! I hope they score even more goals next time so I get even more tasty treats when the crowd goes wild!

Submitted by: Heather Cochrane