Hickory arrived in Cochrane, AB on Sunday, just 1 week ago. He turned 10 weeks old this week. He joins PADS pup, Desi, who turned 2 years old in November. She will be with us for a month to a few months longer. Desi has been amazing with Hickory, being an awesome model for him! She’s also very patient, gentle with him and helps to regulate him. Desi and Hickory love playing together as well as laying in the dog bed together.

Hickory has had a busy first week! We have a lot going on with 4 kids – 2 are in high school and 2 are in university. I am a Kindergarten teacher, so Desi and Hickory come to school with me on T/Th for the full day, so it’s a big day for everyone. The kids at school LOVED Hickory, I was very happy to see him do SO well for a 7 hour day of Kindergarten! Being with the kids is tiring so I’m timing it so he’s sleeping during teaching times with a big run around/play time during the lunch break. Hickory appears to be very confident and not nervous… so far, so good!

Submitted By: Dana & Jay Stephenson