We welcomed a new addition to our home – Hickory, from the Nut Litter! He was 12 weeks old when he arrived and very interested in Desi who is 2 years old. They have become so close and love to be together! They cuddle in the dog bed and are always touching. They play well together, Desi is like a mama to Hickory, very gentle and let’s him “win” the toy. Hickory has learned so much from Desi!

Hickory is sweet, busy and curious and has brought so much joy to our family! We have a busy household – there are 6 of us in a very small house plus Desi and Hickory. Two of our kids are in highschool and two are in university so there is lots happening all the time. Hickory has adjusted to the busyness well! He also comes to work with me, two days a week we are at my Kindergarten for the full day, so Hickory is there for 8 hours and is well loved and doing so well! There is no shortage of Kindergarten kiddos who want to walk Hickory outside for a bathroom break and no shortage of teachers either! The rest of the days, we work at home.

Submitted by: Dana and Jay & Family