Hickory has settled into a good routine for the fall, back to Kindergarten on Tuesday and Thursdays for a long day of 8-9 hours. On MWF and the weekends, Hickory goes to kickboxing and heavy bag bootcamps with Dana, Goodlife Fitness (where he’s the hit of the day with everyone!) and out and about to errands with the family. Although we can see he’s definitely in his “teen” stage, he is still generally very well behaved when in public. He is also very well loved by everyone from tiny kids to seniors and everyone in between! Hickory is like a therapy dog wherever he goes, at home… he is “working” and so in tune with anyone in the house who may be feeling anxious or upset, when this happens, he goes over and sits pressed against them or puts his head on them. He loves to go to the off leash and has amazing recall and is always up for a good play or training session too!

Submitted by: Dana & Jay and Family