Happy Valentines Month! My February was full of more new experiences and practicing my ongoing puppy skills. I settled nicely in a busy restaurant for a Valentines date, had my first trip to Costco, and started working from home two days a week. This is good practice for settling in the house. I also had my very first experience in a movie theater for a work hosted event and watched some Saturday Morning Cartoons. The theater was very loud and there was a lot of popcorn on the floor but I did a great job not being distracted by it too much.

I went to my very first PADS hosted event, which was the Salvation Army – Empowering Young Girls Event. It was wonderful to be part of an event like this and I did a good job settling in a room of other dogs while some amazing women and young girls petted me. We talked about PADS and our experiences. I hope to do more events like this in the future!

I’m currently learning ‘Sit’ on verbal cue, as well as to go to my Bed and Kennel.

Submitted By: Stephanie Goddard