What a big month February was for me, Houston II! I was turned into Advanced Training and landed on Emma’s string. My month was all about meeting my new temporary family, learning about life on the farm, and having tons of fun balancing “work” and play! I have made a close friendship with fellow Advanced Dog Jules. We like to play a similar full contact wrestle game with lots of catch-me-if-you-can thrown in for excitement. I am learning a lot about how to control myself on leash and keep my own leash nice and loose. This is a big challenge for me, as there is just so much awesome stuff out there to check out! Did you know farm animals’ poop is delicious? It can be *very* hard to control my impulses, but I’m getting better every day! My favourite part of each day is when we all get to go for a group hike in the mountains. I use this time to think about my training that day and figure out how to be even better tomorrow.

  • Skills being learned: Practicing Loose Leash Walking, default Leave It, Wait/Out
  • Recent field trips: Lougheed Mall, Ryder Lake Park, shop class
  • Possible behavior challenges: Impulse control, leash pulling
  • Advanced training location: West Coast (Satellite)  

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Houston II!

Submitted by: Emma, Trainer