Huey spent half of December hanging out with Lauren, who is currently raising his brother Turbo. We did a swap and it was a great learning experience! Lauren was a miracle worker and he came back much improved in some of the areas he was struggling. He had been a pretty naughty counter surfer, but so far the change of scenery worked and he has maintained his feet on the floor! He also grew a ton. He’s a very handsome big boy.
Then mid December he came back and boy – what a reunion! He saw his buddy Axel who came for Christmas too. Because of COVID we spent a lot of time outside. Huey learned to cross country ski and winter hike and snow shoe. He was such a good boy, following commands on fairly narrow trails at times. He loves the snow.
He still has a lot of things to work on, but he’s super sweet and very smart. He has mastered many of his skills already.

Submitted By: Jennifer Harris