Well Huey is a super busy guy.  He’s into everything and especially loves socks. The house is on lock down and so is Huey but…. he is a Wiley fellow and again found a sock somehow which sent him back for surgery.  Boo!!!

But Huey recovers almost instantly and is back at his adventures.

He is super affectionate and loving – a real cuddle boy.  He loooves all food so is a willing worker.



His loose leash walking is really coming along.  He is getting most of his basic commands.  One of his favourite things is learning with his big brother, PADS Axel.  He’s always watching, making sure that Axel isn’t getting any extra training without him.

Huey loves to swim and play.  His recall is good so he gets off leash time in the forest.  He’s a delightful guy.  He currently needs constant monitoring because of his interest in absolutely anything that could fit in his mouth.  But if we can keep him safe from himself until he moves on from that, he shows lots of promise!

Submitted By: Jennifer Harris