Hugo has been working on duration sits, downs, waits. The one thing that seems to be getting more prevalent and harder for him is his loose leash walking. He has a nose like no other and finds it hard not to track a scent/a hundred scents when on a trail walk. Brian mentioned getting a gentle leader and I think this would help him a lot. We are always working on restraint when out in public and people want to pet him. He is such a loving and curious dog so he wants to visit and meet everyone. He is very aware when it comes to emotion or distress. If there is ever anyone who just needs him to say hello he lets me know who it is and he’s typically correct -so we have a visit and often a long talk about the dogs and PADS. He has been going to an elementary school every Friday and works for the day with the counsellor doing one on one time as well as whole school events. Being Christmas he had a few big events at the school and was on his best behaviour. He left all the candy and gingerbread houses alone and gave comfort to many kids along the way. Also this month we had a lot of visits with friends and family and other pets so we did our best to work on manners in the house, around food and settling when everyone was eating etc.

Submitted By: Shawna and Randall Frasch