We attended a performance of Much Ado About Nothing at The Cultch. Our seats were third row, orchestra. Late in the first act the character Benedick is supposed to be hiding from his friends who are talking trash about him, so the actor came into the audience, sat on the stairs, and roamed around.

All of a sudden Benedick was climbing across our row, unaware of the black dog at our feet. Crowd surfing at its finest! Iroko popped his head up but that was it. We were so proud of him…
Iroko continues to have an active social life including: Vancouver restaurants and breweries, SPCA for vaccinations, Safeway, 70-minute massage appointments, ESS meeting, puppy sitter for seven nights, UBC Endowment Lands, buses, stores along Broadway & Granville and twice to Waverley Elementary.

We continue to work on his duration downs and stands that seem to be his biggest challenge. He loves everyone and every dog he meets. He seems to be getting stronger each month. He is very healthy.

Submitted By: Shawn Laari