Spring has sprung in Calgary and while lock down is still in effect, we have been making the best of the situation by enjoying the activities that are not cancelled. Visits to the park are a group favorite! IROKO has been putting all his skills together and is getting close to (hopefully) being ready to take a pre-placement test once it is safe for PADS to conduct public access testing.  Everyone here is so proud of the progress this boy has made! He loves working and he shows off his passion and drive with his classic overzealous enthusiasm when you ask him to perform a task. We are hopeful that Iroko will make an amazing service dog for the right person sometime soon.

  • Skills being learned: Pulling a wheelchair, retrieve deliveries (‘take it to…’), ‘switch’, ‘behind.’
  • Recent field trips: Currently Not Applicable Due to COVID-19
  • Possible behavior challenges: Occasional alert barking, dog distraction, sometimes too enthusiastic.
  • Advanced training location: Calgary
  • Potential career path: Assistance Dog

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Iroko!

Submitted by: Advanced Trainer Miranda Turenne