Iroko has had many outings in the past month including: Vancouver area restaurants, Cindy Lauper concert, Safeway often, 70-minute massage appointments, Vancouver International Film Festival – three movies, Vancouver Flea Market, Vancouver Fringe Festival performance, Granville Island Market, PNE, UBC Endowment Lands often, Feast of Fields food festival, stores along Broadway, Waverley Elementary School for four hours, PADS graduation Iroko is working on all his obedience skills and is improving in the duration of his sits, downs and stands. He is comfortable in events with crowds (like the PNE) and in situations where he has to be in a quiet down for a long period (like in a movie). We had a day trip to Bellingham in which he met lots of new people who were not familiar with PADS and was a great ambassador for the program. The icing on the cake this month was the PADS graduation ceremony, in which he walked across the stage in the Puppy Parade, relaxed and confident. Submitted by: Shawn Laari