Ivy-2014-12-3This past month was so much fun with lots going on. I think Christmas is my favorite time of the year! We spent lots of time visiting with family and I got to play with 5 other dogs! I also went to some ski resorts and got to hang out in the ski lodge and on the ski hill. My favorite days were when we got to play and run on a big frozen lake. I am getting good at knowing where my family members are even though I may not be right next to them. They let me go explore, as long as I come back when I’m called. I like this new freedom, it must mean that I’m growing up and making good decisions. It will be hard to go back to work in January after all this play time.

Submitted by awesome PADS puppy, Ivy, and her fabulous PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Cheryl Verhesen and her family.