Jagger has found his Furever Home as a Very Important Pet!

When Jagger was in PADS training it became evident that he was a gentle soul. It seemed he didn’t like noisy places such as shopping malls, which was detrimental to him becoming an assistance dog. However, this proved fortunate for Lisa Hammermeister.

“My oldest daughter, Emma, has Down syndrome and has always been scared of dogs. It had gotten so bad that on an annual visit to relatives in Ontario, Emma would stay in her bedroom because she was so scared of the dog. Fortunately a friend of Lisa’s had a released PADS dog that Emma would help walk occasionally. This inspired Lisa to apply for a VIP.

“We adopted Jagger about a year ago and he has been wonderful! Emma for the most part has gotten over her fear of dogs and Jagger provides so much joy for our whole family.”