Brrr!! December had some very cold days, and Jax was quite happy to wear his Booties to protect his paws from the ice and salt. We did some training indoors and at the Village Green Mall with PADS Caddy. Pups even had their picture taken with the Christmas Grinch.

Jax spent a week with LeeAnn (New Raiser) and her family. He got to experience a concert at the Performing Arts, Karate dojo, and Christmas Shopping at Orchard Park Mall. LeeAnn lives in an area where there are many deer, and Jax had a challenge ignoring the deer.. he was whimpering and pulling, wanting to play.

Jax and I joined Andrea (Raiser/Sitter) and PADS Caddy and family for Christmas Dinner and Games.. both pups displayed excellent House-manners…played quietly together, then settled on their beds.

Jax and Caddy ended “2022” with a sunny day and a great romp in the deep snow on the golf course.

Submitted by: Carol Benz