September weather has been awesome.. Jax went on a long hike to Cosen’s Bay, with my PADS Scotia, was pretty exciting when 6 horses came down the trail and went into the lake while we were swimming.. he was very curious, and quietly went over for a sniff..

Jax and I met PADS Birdie and Chris for the afternoon of exploring the Kelowna Waterfront. There were lots of dogs, people, bicycles and strollers. The pups did really well, walking loose-leash, side by side and they we both pretty tired when we stopped for lunch at a Bistro.

Everyone at Hillview Golf loves Jax. He is so good on the Golf Course, sits patiently while we all tee off, then he trots along and waits while we putt. The pro-staff always have a cookie waiting, because he is so well behaved.

Jax, Birdie and Scotia had a Training Session in Andrea’s back yard. We had them all doing basic skills, (Sit, Down, Stand) then worked with the Perch-pot to practice duration. The reward was a good play-time, where all 3 dogs were able to engage in gentle play even sharing one pull-toy.

Submitted by: Carol Benz