Sedore-1946We are pleased to introduce you to PADS Jedi!  February marked the beginning of Jedi’s journey from Padawan to Jedi Knight.  (Or you could say PADSawan!  Harhar!) 🙂  He took his first steps away from his momma and littermates to start his journey to become a certified Assistance Dog!

We feel so fortunate to play a part in raising this sweet, cuddly boy!  One of my first memories of Jedi is holding him, having him nestle in my neck, and feeling his tail thump against my body.  There are few things better in this world than puppy cuddles like that!

He has adapted extremely well to our home and the new routine and, as you can imagine, he is a huge hit wherever we go.  He was welcomed with open arms on his first day at work at visual effects company, Industrial Light and Magic; the company is most well known for the creation of Star Wars!  No one can deny that this match was definitely meant to be!  He also gets to work with the kids and staff at Surrey Christian School.  You can always find Jedi at lunch time; just look for the swarm of kids!

max and jedi  Sedore-1973   Sedore-1474 adj

Jedi started his official weekly Puppy Classes at the PADS training centre.  He found the first couple to be extremely tiring!  Now that he knows his siblings are at class, he definitely gets more excited.  We’re working on some relaxation techniques to help him chill out.  Looks like ‘puppy yoga’ is working!

Sedore-2041     Sedore-2018

Training happens everywhere we go…on the Skytrain, at restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, downtown Vancouver, church, gyms, home, etc.  Jedi is catching on SO quickly and he’s so excited to learn!  He has a very bright future ahead of him!

Here are a few of the places we explored while training this month.

Sedore-1527     Sedore-1518

Sedore-102702     Sedore-1463

Submitted by our PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Kristin & Darren Sedore.