November is an exciting time for the Star Wars litter, because it’s their birth month! Two years ago on November 22nd these big guys could fit in your hands! It’s hard to believe how grown up they are now. Happy birthday, Jedi!!! I couldn’t be more proud of how well Jedi is doing with his training! This is a dog who truly loves to work and learn. He spent time with a couple PADS Puppy Sitters this month who just raved about how he’s such a wonderful dog. He has learned a few new commands lately and solidified some others, all in preparation for that day when he meets his new partner! He had been struggling with dog distractions for awhile, but he seems to have leaped over that hurdle. We learned a new command that will be part of the training for the dogs working in the PTSD program. It’s to teach him to rest his chin on someone who needs a little nudge to say, “It’s ok. I’m here with you.” He had some exciting outings this month. He spent some quality time with his sister Padme running through the park off leash. He brought smiles to people at a hospital. He went to a gym and to yoga. (He’s a master at the downward dog…for real!) He was a great ambassador for PADS at a charity event. And he spent an afternoon helping a group of students destress, which was a very special time for everyone there. We ended the month by preparing for the Christmas season. He was so patient while I took his photo in front of our family Christmas tree. Do you notice the special ornament in the background? ๐Ÿ˜€ The best part of our little photo session was at the end when the Santa hat fell forward over his muzzle. He was so good not to move! He just stayed there with the hat across his nose looking at me for a Release command! He was such a good boy and it made for such a cute photo!

Submitted By: Kristin Sedore