Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

I have had a very important month! April 7th was my 1 year old birthday and I celebrated with lots of my PADS friends at Pacific Spirit Park. Some of them were having their birthday on the same day. We even got a Happy Birthday dog treat. I went to help hoomans relax at Columbia College, and I also attended a photo shot a nice hooman volunteer (Bill Ng) was doing. But I don’t know if any of the pictures turned out because I was so excited I couldn’t sit still very much.

I don’t know how the other dogs just relax with things like that – whew, there were dog smells all over the place that I had to check out. I am getting better with distractions when I walk by dogs outside though. My hooman is very happy about that. But I’m sad that I can’t go to visit with other dogs in parks and events right now because I may be going into heat. Male dogs are WAY too interested in me.

Submitted By: Lurline Langbell