I have had such a busy and exciting month. I am part of a team going to bring joy and smiles to the EComm workers. Its so fun to walk from one to another where they give me lots of pets and love to see some of the things I can do, like chin and ignoring kibble that’s on the floor or in a hand. It’s so nice to be so appreciated. I was also all dressed up in the Vancouver Pride Parade with so many other PADS dogs. It would have been nice to play with them but we were all on our best behaviour. Then I went to the PNE. WOW! You should have seen the huge dogs. My hooman said their names were Cow and Buffalo. It was nice to meet them and rub noses. Then I went to a Canadians Baseball Game. I don’t know why they are allowed to chase balls when I’m not, but it was fun to see all of the people and especially the other PADS dogs that were there. My days are just jammed packed now and I love it.

Submitted By:Puppy raiser Lurline Langbell