Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

I had a VERY fun December. My hooman went away on vacation and I went on a different kind of vacation at the houses of two different sitters. They were really nice. They had a bunch of different toys and took me on the Skytrain to work. I even went to the PADS Christmas party and met Santa. I heard them tell my hooman that I was very good and they would like me to visit with them again, but I was VERY happy when my hooman came home. I’m not supposed to jump on her, and yet I did so I could give lots of face kisses. I did a lot more shopping with my hooman. I don’t know why she has to go anywhere except the pet stores. She also took me to some dog parks which I love and that’s where I practiced my off-leash walking then played with the other dogs. And I love running through all of the puddles especially after it rains.

Submitted By: Lurline Langbell