I am almost 6 months old now so I am going to tell you myself about what I did in September. I went to all of my Kindergarden classes and my trainer said I was doing really well. Especially after she showed my raiser-mom how to do something. I got to go to wonderful places this month. I went to dog parks 8 times where I practiced how to walk nicely on and off leash and where I was really good at running back as fast as I could for my recalls. I like that I get treats after and can go back to sniff around or play with other dogs when my training is done. And I went to the beach twice. I love running in the water but I’m not ready to swim yet. Now this next part is kind of silly. My raiser-mom got me a rain poncho, but I only wear it when I’m going for a quick ‘better go now’ trip in the rain. But I don’t need to wear it when I’m on long walks or in parks, where I get really soaking wet. Now how does that make sense? Gotta go now. I think it’s time for lunch so I better tell my raiser-mom. See you next month.

Submitted by: Lurline Langbell