Another month of learning, growing, playing and enjoying life for Kamari!

She is getting more confident by the day, and her recall and engagement are really improving leaps and bounds this month! Excited as she might be by other pups, she has even chosen to hang around her raiser after the first meet and greet. What she is greatest at is hearing “here!” and running as fast as she can back to her raiser. Talking about speed!

She has a frequent sitter who she goes to every week and spends time training, playing with a more advanced PADS dog, and walking in the park. It truly takes a village to raise a pup like her!

Even as the weather turns cold, water is still the biggest attraction for her. She is learning hard to stay in a sit until the raiser lets her go in. She’s getting really good at that too!

Submitted by: Tracey Pham