KARMA is still enjoying Winter, and the Fun of bounding through the fresh snow with her buddy PADS Sven. We go on the Snowshoe Trails along the creek and across the hillside. Both pups get to explore off-leash, and are very good @ Recall. We have two very tired pups that cuddle-up and snooze all the way home. Sven came to our home after last Snowshoe and got to stay for dinner. Both pups sat calmly and waited till their bowls were placed, and they were given permission to eat. Impressive!!

Karma and I were on a Loose-leash walk downtown Vernon, and just happened to meet another Raiser with PADS Odie (9 mo). Karma was able to “Go Say Hi” with a calm approach, then able to sit quietly while Paul & I chatted.

Karma is still going for overnight visits with Andrea (Sitter, Co-Raiser) and is much calmer and more settled with Andrea’s other dogs.

Karma enjoys joining Andrea on her Power-runs, and walking the Rail Trail, sometimes meeting with other PADS pups.

Submitted By: Carol A. Benz