Karma went on a city bus ride for 40 minutes with three other PADS puppies and raisers. All of the pups were so well mannered and quiet. Karma was able to relax and settle, even when a lady got on with a baby in a stroller and the pups had to shuffle to make room.

We went to Scandia Golf & Games in Kelowna. Even with lots of activity, noise, lights and kids, Karma was curious but not stressed. We took a break and went for a nice quiet walk before meeting up with my grand-kids at Orchard Park Shopping Centre. Karma was able to maintain a loose-leash while I carried my tray to our seat in the food court. Then, she settled on her mat for about 20 minutes. We have been working on settling in public and have noted improvement. Karma still likes to jump up on people when she is excited, so this is a work in progress.

Submitted By: Carol Benz