I turned ONE on December 9! Mommy says I’m not just a handsome face—I’m a super smart and calm pup and I’m learning every day. 

I’ve had many different experiences in my first year of training. Some of my favourite moments include my first trip on a sail boat, meeting a very large horse on an off-leash walk, going to the PNE and watching my sponsor Topline Vocal perform during the Jazz Festival.  

I’m a super star at the office and have a big comfy bed to sleep on while my mom works. I take nice long naps during meetings and stay very quiet. My mom also loves to eat out so I’m pretty much a rock star when it comes to napping in restaurants. 

I have two rowdy two-legged brothers who think I’m a big stuffed animal. They like to dress me up in their clothes and they enjoy role-playing with me…they like to play the vet and I’m ALWAYS the dog 🙄. They poke and prod me so I’ve learned to be very patient with little ones. 

I’m working on not being distracted by other puppies and not getting overly excited when people clap and cheer loudly. To give me lots of practice, Mommy is taking me to several Christmas concerts in the next couple of weeks. Wonder if any of them will sing my favourite Christmas song…Chaka Khan’s Christmas Only Once a Year? 

Attached are some recent photos of me. Hope to see you all again soon!  

Merry Christmas! 


Submitted By: Tina Cheung