Khan met a cat and a horse this month for the first time and did very well with both. He’s only been with a couple of sitters this month (Brian Dong and Jenn Brake) and overall they say he’s doing well. Biggest complaint is dog distraction. He’s been on a transit again this month and continues to do well with crowds on trains and walking up/down stairs with crowds of people. His dog distraction is improving in puppy class but is still a bit of a problem when we are out and about (in and out of cape), especially if we encounter a dog he knows well on the street. He will definitely pull and bark. His loose leash walking is great until we come across another dog. Would like some one-on-one advice on how best to handle the dog distraction. Not sure if it’s just the teenage months that we are entering which has made him lose his mind a bit lately!

Submitted By: Tina Cheung