Oh, the days of summer have come to an end, my friends! August was a month full of more neighbourhood walks and fun forest romps with some of my PADS friends, Yelena and released Wasabi. We are still mostly hunkering down with this pandemic so we have just been keeping ourselves busy for little projects, look at my cool artwork in the pictures, and training. The hooman was busy taking care of PADS Acorn off and on, which meant I got the chance to spend time with a few sitters. The first stop was with PADS Louis II and his raiser. They have a backyard where I got to run my heart out and splash in the puppy pool. The following week, I went to the Fraser Valley for some time with a familiar sitter. She takes me on the trails and I get to be the only dog in the home. That’s my favourite, because I don’t need to share the hooman and I score optimum cuddling time. My last sitter was in the big city of Vancouver. She had a cat. Let’s just say I am branded with a forever memory on my nose!

Besides my fun adventures, hooman is keeping up with my training skills. Apparently, I am in adolescence, whatever that means! We’ve been working on the basics and making sure I am learning at the pace I need it to be for the time coming. Hooman has been doing this thing called “”Move for PADS”” where she goes up and down the Coquitlam Crunch. She gets donations for PADS and that equals exercise for her. Because I’m still an itty-bitty buppy, I get to practice one of the most important skills: kenneling. It’s a triple win! Kenneling is a relaxing time for me but more importantly, I know the hooman will let me out for a big snuggle afterwards!

Submitted by: Emily Nelson