This month we started off strong with continued school classes and work with the hooman.  I was trying my best to get used to relaxing in those busy environments and learning that not all the people around me are there to pet me. [I’m still trying to figure out a way to change this rule.]

I explored the entire Community Centre getting used to climbing stairs, riding elevators, walking on different surfaces, and exploring the ice rinks. 

I’m working on all things puppy, as it’s only my second month with my hoomans, I am still adjusting to life with a pet and still holding off on my zoomies.  It’s harder than it sounds – trust me!  Just ask my hoomans!

We were thrown a twist with this whole Stay-at-Home thing going on, so now more than ever is an opportunity to work on all my house manners.  As a result, we haven’t had too many new adventures this month, but it’s just as important for a working dog to learn how to relax at home, so that is the focus at the moment.

Submitted By: Emily Nelson