We had a great adventure  this month.  My human sister gave Mum and Dad a stay at TinWis Best Western hotel, right on Mackenzie Beach near Tofino.  When we weren’t outside playing on the beach in the rain, I spent lots of time just looking out the patio window at the scenery.  I’m a curious little guy and I love to look out the windows all the time.  They welcomed me here with a blanket, towel, food dish and water dish, and even two huge dog biscuits!!  It was so much fun to run on the beach and dodge the waves that swirled up on the beach.  We also had lots of loose leash walking practice on the trails.  At the end of our trip we went to visit Mum and Dad’s last dog Zumba – he is a fun dude and we had a great time chasing each other.  He is coming to visit us in May – I can’t wait!

Submitted By: Nola Chanroux