Here I am all decked out for Halloween.  Thank DOG that Mum left it too late and didn’t have time to make the saddle for my destrier outfit!!  I thought I looked pretty spiffy in my fancy “saddle blanket”, although I didn’t think much of the piece across my backside, and I really was quite disgusted with the bridle, but I was a good sport and put up with it for a while after Mum made some adjustments so it fit better.  As a reward Mum vacuumed me!  I love being vacuumed, and I know that when Mum vacuumes the stairs or the furniture or my dog bed she will have the upholstery attachment on and that’s when I get vacuumed!!  You know what they say – cleanliness is next to dogliness!!

Submitted By: Nola Chanroux