We had a very good camping trip despite A LOT of rain.    The first few days were hot and sunny so I got to do a lot of swimming, and there were lots of dogs to play with in a really good off leash area, but then we had over a week of steady rain.  My Mum was pretty worried about her flowers and garden with all the hot weather, but the rain kept her flowers alive for a bit longer.  The silver lining to that cloud though was that they lifted the campfire ban so we were able to have a nice fire which I loved to lay beside.  My human sister joined us – there is nothing nicer than snuggling up with her while we are warmed by the campfire.  The campground is a pretty good place to practice my skills as there are lots of distractions.  Mum and Dad are especially pleased with my great recall – even with all the wonderful smells (like dead fish) I always came back at a full gallop when they called me.  I can hardly wait to go camping again next summer.

Submitted By: Nola Chanroux