Kylo has had a week to settle in to advanced training in a new house and with new dog friends. The first week is about building a bond and having fun and building his desire to work with me. He loves to play fetch – great work on teaching him the find it game for his toys! We’ll use that to build his drive for retrieve.  We’ve also worked on his crate training and ability to stay on his bed when another dog is working or playing. I have also introduced him to the beginning stages of retrieve with a dumbbell. He’s working on picking up items with different textures and materials, and separately on a solid hold. 

Kylo is very sweet and cuddly, and is happiest when he is resting his head on your foot or knee! He’s also super food motivated which makes him fun to train. He does get dog distracted at times and with six other dogs in the house there are many opportunities to work on this too. His field trips will be limited while we work on building a strong foundation for his skills. 

Kylo has made friends with Stark, the other PADS dog in Advanced Training at my house. He’s also decided that the littlest dog, Bonsai, is a fun play buddy too. He’s not too sure about the Great Dane Gulliver, but Gully is hopeful they will be good friends too!

 Kylo also has a Facebook page where you can see more photos and informal updates on what he’s been up to.


Thanks so much for all your love and hard work in raising Kylo!


Submitted By: Dana Gallagher