Oh man, this month has been a big month for Lassie. Not only has she grown at least 10 lbs, which is very tiring for a dog, she has come so far with her training and tried so many cool things. Lassie lives with two families through a week, and one of her families has a cat which Lassie loves, but the cat only loves Lassie when she is not bugging him. Lassie is learning to regulate around other animals but she is really great at knowing her limits when she meets other dogs. She loves to play but she also loves her humans! With her other family, they don’t have other pets but they have taken her on cool adventures like camping in the interior and kayaking! Her raisers have been so impressed by her calmness and her ability to train and be redirected. She loose leash walks so well and she is slowly getting better with her sits and downs. She is such a goofy dog with a gentle personality, and a feisty side. Follow her on instagram at instagram.com/padslassie for more photos and videos of her journey!

Submitted By: Natasha, Co-raiser