Linen spent three weeks with sitters while her raisers were away on a trip.  Her first sitters reminisced about how they had looked after Linen when she was just three months old, and marvelled at how calm and grown up she has become.

The second sitter reported:  “We got out to the grocery store, Joey Tomatoes, and one puppy class before COVID-19 kept us in the house.

“We switched to training in-house, and worked on honing skills.   We also went for a few walks in NW Calgary with Bracken and Ginger and their handlers, carefully keeping all humans social distant from one another.  Linen was very good and didn’t pay too much attention to the other people at all when we walked.”

Once her raisers got home, Linen was very happy to be reunited with her house buddy, Bodhi!

Submitted By: The Goosens Family (part-time raisers) and Cathy Gray (part-time raiser)

Photos Submitted By: The Goosens Family & Sarala Silver (Raiser)