There have been summer puppy adventures abound for the month of August! I got to romp at the cabin in the woods over three weekends, shop with excellent focus and loose leash walking at Trader Joe’s, take the ferry to Nanaimo, go for a hike on the Notch Bay Loop with amazing views of Nanoose Bay, celebrate my favourite hooman’s 8th birthday, and hang out with my favourite little hooman ‘cousins’.  They have a fenced in backyard to romp in and I learned to not chase bean bags during the corn hole game. I also learned that the vacuum at other hoomans’ houses are not so scary. I did a “Go In” and Settled at the movies to watch Angry Birds 2 as well as a “Go In” and Settled at a number of restaurants (Bells and Whistles, Nuba). I went on a puppy swap with PADS Franz’s raisers and had all sorts of other adventures. I went on a skytrain, to a art studio, and to China Town. There were tight spaces and loud noises. We got to go to two different fairs (Lynden Fair and the PNE). Those fairs were extremely busy with super high distractions at every step we took!

Whew… I think I need a nap! Except, tricked you because I can be awake and fully alert all day as well as all night when needed. As my breeder/caretaker of my mom said, I’m the first to the party and the last to leave – which apparently is a great trait for my future service dog career!

Submitted By: Heather and Derek Schofield