This has been a whirlwind first 2 1/2 weeks with my Team Lore puppy raisers. My crate is one of my favourite places and I sleep through the whole night, so everyone is well rested for all my puppy antics and training throughout the day. I needed lots of rest since these weeks have been full of firsts. My first puppy kindergarten class and reunion with my Story Litter mates, first trip to my hooman’s workplaces, my first spa treatment with full service bath, nail trim and ear cleaning, my first puppy playdate with my brother @PadsQuill, and my first ferry ride.

I love everyone and think everyone loves me. It’s kinda true, since I am so cute! Public places are the best, since there are so many hoomans to admire me. As I walk by in my cape, I can hear the hoomans commenting on just how cute I am in places like the mall, Home Depot, Del Ray Barbershop, ICBC to renew my hoomans driver’s licence, up and down Commercial Drive, gift shopping on Main Street, JJ Bean, Granville Island (Vancouver Glass Studio and the Public Market), Phoenix gymnastics, and the bank. I was on my best and cutest behaviour at all sorts of holiday and New Year’s parties – I will definitely be invited back! Also, when I was on the ferry to Nanaimo, not only did I get to hang out with all the hoomans (rather than just below in the dog area) but met my half-brother #PadsDrift and his puppy sitters. Those Pads hoomans sure do have an ear for clicker trainings! I’m also getting the hang of loose leash walking my ‘hooman sister’ to school everyday and even gave a 15 min presentation about Pads puppy training in her 2nd grade classroom.

By the way, within the first 2 weeks I have more followers on my Instagram account than my humans. Follow my daily cuteness @PadsLore.

Submitted By: Heather and Derek Schofield