Lore has the biggest loving heart of any dog there is. Even though he is only a year into his puppy-in-training, he wakes every morning to bring more joy into this world!

December was a festive month with lots of visits with puppy sitters, attending the MEC pupdate evening session (I even was able to manage a ‘Go In’ and ‘Settle’ with other PADS dogs settled under the table), photo sessions, Christmas tree farm, a graduation to intermediate puppy class, practicing being in my crate during the daytime or evening, unwrapping a Christmas stocking with new stuffies and Benebones from Santa, and busy family Christmas and New Year Eve parties.

This month is extra special, as December 18th marked the one year anniversary with my raisers! My raisers got so many great pics of how much I have changed. Enjoy and check out how much I have grown on Instagram @PADSLore.

Submitted By: Heather and Derek Schofield