Lore has the biggest loving heart of any dog there is. Even though he is only a year into his puppy-in-training, he wakes every morning to bring more joy into this world! This is the day in the life of a 16 month old PADS puppy-in-training.

I wake up and wait until cued to come out of my crate. Once I’m out I stretch, greet the day and any living being in the house, before getting let outside for a “better go”. After that it’s the best part of the day, breakfast! I have a meal protocol (which sometimes is delayed because the cat thinks he is a dog and wants to eat dog kibble, good news is that I never resource guard). Once I’m done my wonderful food I will continue to enthusiastically greet any living being in the house until it’s time to walk my ‘hooman sister’ to school. I always walk with a loose leash and stay fully engaged in the school yard for drop off. Then, it’s time to get on with the day.

I go to the car with a “Car” cue to settle in for the ride to work. I ‘Wait’ before getting out of the car as per car protocol, do a quick “better go”, and walk with my hooman to the door. I do a “Wait” and then “Out” to be cued to go through the door. I’ll probably do this about fifty more times during the day. Throughout my time at the Hoomans work I will do lots of ‘Settle’ and disengage, keep up my polite dog manners, have a few “better go” breaks, and do a “Go In” under the table in the kitchen for hooman’s lunch break or meetings in the boardroom. Eventually it will be hooman’s time for their “better go”.

To use the accessible stall in the washroom I do a “Go In” or “Wait and Out” before doing a “Heel”, “Down”, ‘Sit’, and then “Stand”. I ‘Wait’ while my water bowl gets filled up (thanks Hooman) and then walk up and down the stairs nicely. All of my “nice on cue behaviour” gets rewarded with several “better go” breaks and short walks, with a big off leash run at the dog park on the way home. While I’m there I drop sticks when my Hooman says “Mine”, ‘Lets Go’ to get moving, and “This way” to change direction while off leash. After that fun romp it is time to continue on with the day.

We go to pick up my “hooman sister” from school. I do another “Car” and a “Wait and Out” sequence for door protocol. I keep up my nice behaviour around all living beings who want to say “hello” before we head back home where its time for the second best part of the day, dinner! I follow meal protocol before going back out for a loose leash walk. When that is over I do a “Wait and Out” through doorways to pilates and then “Settle” with a few reminders to “Down” (it only takes me about twenty five minutes for me to get bored enough to fall asleep). Then it’s time to head back. Again I do a “Wait and Out” with loose leash walking all the way home. I have a little downtime on my bed (where I really want to continue to engage with all the living beings in the house). When the hooman finally says ‘Crate’ with the apple slice in their hand, it is time for bed to get ready for a new day tomorrow.

Submitted By: Heather and Derek Schofield