Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

Pupdate: The morning is my most favourite time the day. First I get to go outside for my BGN and then I get breakfast. For some reason, the hoomans make me wait for up to 15 secs before releasing me to eat, which I can easily do! My hooman sister usually gets up around this time, and I get to have a super morning cuddle and wiggle session with her.

Finally, I get ‘dressed’ in my cape and then walk my hooman sister to school, all the while practicing loose leash walking with hundreds of distractions in the school yard.

I continue to love everyone and everyone loves me. As I walk by in my cape, I can hear the hoomans commenting on just how cute I am in places like the Farmer’s Market, Tisol, Ikea, grocery shopping at Famous Foods and the Superstore, Metrotown, Horseshoe Bay, and Sports Chek. I’ve been out to a bunch of restaurants and did a great job chilling out and sleeping under the table at The Keg, Anton’s and The Reef. Going to work with the hoomans is a great time to meet so many more hoomans that admire me and I am mastering the art of sleeping through meetings at mom’s work (Biomed), dad’s work (Avis Budget Group) and in the boardroom during a meeting at Discover Holidays. A huge highlight in January was giving a PADS presentation at my hooman sister’s Brownie unit, with all those kiddos learning all about why they cannot pet me while in my cape! I’m still ‘training’ the kiddos at Phoenix gymnastics what my cape means, I’m sure they will get it soon!

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Submitted By: Heather and Derek Schofield