Have you ever been to that place where there are a billion smells and sounds and ducks and chickens and seeds and duck poop and herds of goats and loud peacocks and even louder turkeys and protective momma sheep and these really big horses and crowds of little hoomans and these tables where little hoomans and big hoomans are eating delicious smelling food at every corner you turn?

My raiser called it Maplewood Farm and was so proud of me during our spring break trip with all my little hoomans! It was kind of overwhelming at first and we spent a big part of the day sitting and watching and not pulling on the leash, but after I got used to all the new smells and sounds I was ready to work and back to paying attention only to my raiser (and maybe my kibble treat bag) with those billion distractions around me!

Submitted By: Heather and Derek Schofield