Happiness is….. being Lore as a service pup-in-training. Lore greets every morning with an ‘out’ from his crate and a big stretch, following by full-body wags of joy. This month, Lore continued to work on ‘Go In’ under tables, “Go On’ on logs in the forest, and ‘Wait/Out’ at thresholds and doorways.

Lore is focused and engaged during his training sessions, loves to be around people and other dogs, and always enjoys a good run on the trails in North Van – all done with his tail wagging. His recall while off-leash on the trails is excellent with him always coming with a ‘here’, even when he is running and playing with other dogs. Lore enjoyed another family meet-up with his sister PADS Muse (in training), sister Story and uncle Boomer.

Submitted by: Heather and Derek Schofield